At Keto and Wellness, we help you develop healthy eating habits for a healthy and rewarding life. We empower you to take charge of your own health through our unique education and coaching program. Our goal is to promote natural healing through cutting edge nutrition science. By using a combination of a healthy and nutritious keto diet and intermittent fasting regime, we help you lose weight in the safest and healthiest manner. We also firmly believe that it is the best approach to minimize many modern day serious health risks and even successfully reverse* metabolic diseases. A healthy body and a healthy mind can enjoy life to the fullest. Join the Keto and Wellness journey to experience health and wellness at its best and transform your own life!


What We Do

Keto Transformed Tribe-Monthly membership

Don’t want to be alone in your journey. Join our tribe. Get personalized coaching in a community setting.


Ketoxed 101

DIY and Group coaching option- Your choice:     This program is for people serious about ket. It’s a 7 weeks program with meal plans and comprehensive info on keto and detox routine to boost your health. Two formates- 1. DIY version. You go through a structured ketoxed program at your pace. Group Coaching: Not sure if you could do it on your own. I hold your hand and walk you through this journey.

Ketoxed 102

This course is only for people who are looking to break the weight loss stalls and learn advanced keto and detox strategies. Ketoxed 101 program is a prerequisite. This way of eating opens up several “body hack” options that can get you past those dreaded plateaus and kick start your continued success!

21-day Intermittent Fasting online course

The 21-day intermittent fasting (IF) protocol is for people who wanted to learn the basics of intermittent fasting. I have been intermittent fasting and it has really helped me become more alert, lose body fat, improve digestion, more in-tune with my body, and super productive in the morning.

Why is the Ketogenic Diet so good for you?

Your body has a built in super power!

Learn how to use it by making 4 simple changes to your diet:


Eat delicious green leafy vegetables


Eat protein variety in moderate amounts


Replace carbs with delicious healthy fats


Replace sweet food with other healthier options

How we improve your success

We give you everything you need to learn to be successful in a low carb lifestyle. It is a very different world to learn! We bring it all into one place to make it easier for you.

Gifts for you

Ketogenic Quick Start Guide

Wondering how to start a keto diet or you have fallen off the track. This guide provides you a list of keto pantry food and a sample three day meal plan to get on track and kick start your keto journey

Download PDF

Intermittent fasting guide

A simple and easy to follow beginners guide on intermittent fasting with a four-day meal plan. The guide includes delicious recipes that you could combine with intermittent fasting protocols.

Download PDF

Beat adrenal fatigue naturally

Are you feeling tired, exhausted, anxious, and having a hard time to focus on days with work as usual. Our adrenals signal our body what is collectively called adrenal fatigue. This guide describes 5 ways to beat adrenal fatigue naturally.

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I continue to follow this as a lifestyle. Taranum has scientific background and very knowledgeable.

“I have tried a number of diets, diets which prohibit you from eating anything except boiled vegetables and I dropped them because they were so difficult to continue long term. Keto diet allowed me to satisfy my taste buds, lose weight, and adopt a healthy lifestyle long term. Plus, I was not hungry all the time, as the diet makes you feel full. Taranum has a scientific background. We saw results on her and knew we could depend on her without any doubt. She provided us with weekly meal plans, exercise routines, and doses of encouragement. I have lost 22 pounds in 2 months. The most important thing is that I continue to follow this as a lifestyle. If you are debating whether or not it’s worth it, without a doubt, the answer is YES
- Aditi Sharma

Thanks to her, I am mentally stronger and much focused on my all-around well-being. She is an excellent coach

When I first came to Canada to commence my Ph.D. studies, I was physically fit and active. However, the rigorous framework of my research made me lethargic towards my health. I was with a delusion that I could catch up on physical well-being whenever I wanted. I should have known better than no one is getting younger and health issues creep on you very fast if taken for granted. I was told by my doctor that I had high sugar level in my blood and given the history of diabetes in my family, I was very prone to have it. That's when I sought help from Dr. Taranum Sultana. She introduced me to the Keto diet with well-researched compiling arguments. She made a positive goal statement that helped me to be solution-focused and motivated. I was provided with a meal plan. Since I am a vegetarian and tend to have fewer protein-rich food options, Dr. Sultana went for an extra mile just to make sure that I consume macros sufficiently. Consequently, I lost ~18 lbs. in two months and now am within my healthy weight-height index range. Further, Dr. Sultana is helping me in body healing so that I can stay disease free. Overall, thanks to her, I am mentally stronger and much focused on my all-around well-being."
- Ashwani Kumar

Taranum is very knowledgeable and did an awesome job of teaching keto

- Diane Antonovitch

I felt you did a great job at coaching. It seemed like each week you posted exactly what I needed to hear

Your coaching was spot on every day and was really glad to get that feedback since you have such a wealth of Knowledge in Keto and other fields. I felt safe that you were always doing the best for me.
- Penny Clow

Low Carb Keto is

Our Favourite Recipes

keto meat balls

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Healthy Fats

The ketogenic diet is mainly focused on healthy fats as a fuel source. Therefore it is important to know what are the best food sources to get them. We have ...

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