Keto-and-Wellness | July 1, 2019
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Taranum Sultana | June 30, 2019
Make-ahead meals are a great way to save time over the week, especially after work. Prepping meals over the weekend is a convenient way to stay on keto Here are some easy recipes to make over the weekend Avocado-Chicken or Beef Burgers Minced chick... Read more »
Taranum Sultana | February 9, 2019
KETO LIFESTYLE 101-  Article Published in "Whole Life"  Journal-March -April issue- 2019 Keto diet has gained immense popularity during the past few years for losing stubborn fat relatively quickly in a safe manner, accompanied by countless o... Read more »
Taranum Sultana | January 27, 2019
Ketogenic diet: Myths vs. facts  Article published in "Whole Life"  journal- May-June issue-2019 A ketogenic diet is high in fats and low in carbohydrates. By lowering carbohydrates intake, the body switches the energy source from glucose to keto... Read more »